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Kyiv (also spelled Kiev) is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnipro (Dniper) river.

As of January 2018, official municipal estimates placed the population of Kyiv 2,934,522 inhabitants, the Kyiv agglomeration has about 3.65 million inhabitants.

Kyiv is one of the oldest cities of Eastern Europe, it played a pivotal role in the development of the medieval East Slavic civilization.
Scholars debate as to period of the foundation of the city: some date the founding to the late 9th century, other historians have preferred a date of 482 AD.
The first known humans in the territory of Kyiev lived there in the late paleolithic period (Stone Age).
Kyiv officially celebrated its 1,500th anniversary in 1982.

Kyiv is an important industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural centre of Eastern Europe. It is home to many high-tech industries, higher education institutions and world-famous historical landmarks.

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  • Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology, Mykhailo Buzynnyi (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    State Institution Institute of Public Health O.M. Marseev National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine is a research institute, which solves urgent problems of environmental hygiene, medical ecology, problems of protection of the population from harmful anthropogenic factors of the environment, rationalization of hygienic conditions of life of the population of Ukraine.
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